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The Regency Amendment

WHEREAS, the appointment of a Regent by the King or by the Uppermost Cort is of useful benefit to the Talossan political structure,

the Ziu hereby authorizes a public Referendum at the earliest possible opportunity, to replace the existing Article III, Section 7, of the Organic Law, with the following texts:

Art. III:Sec. 7. Whenever, upon the decease of the King, the Heir shall be less than eighteen years of age, the royal powers and duties shall be exercised by a Regent or Council of Regency, as hereinafter provided.

Art. III:Sec. 8. It shall be lawful for the King at any time when he may about to absent himself from the Kingdom, to appoint a Regent or Council of Regency, who shall administer the Government in His name, during his absence; and likewise the King may, by His last Will and Testament, appoint a Regent or Council of Regency to administer the Government during the minority of any Heir to the Throne; and should a Sovereign decease, being heirless, or leaving a minor Heir, and having made no last Will and Testament, the Uppermost Cort at the time of such decease shall be a Council of Regency, until the Ziu, which shall be called immediately, be assembled, and the Ziu immediately that it is assembled shall proceed to choose by law, a Regent or Council of Regency, who shall administer the Government in the name of the King, and exercise all the powers which are constitutionally vested in the King, until the legitimate Heir shall have attained the age of eighteen years, which age is declared to be the legal majority of such Sovereign.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Ben Madison - King of Talossa (PC-Vuode)

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