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The "Semi-Permeable Wall" Act

WHEREAS the overwhelming majority of Talossan citizens have no use or care for the bathtubbia antics and pretensions of the silly micronations out there --- beyond an encouraging sense of "we're been there, you too can succeed as a serious micronation" grounded in Talossa's historical founding in a Milwaukee teenager's bedroom; and

WHEREAS a vocal and influential minority of the Talossan Establishment (whatever that might be) violently opposes any and all contact with serious micronations out there, namely those exploring notions of "nationality" as created or (to paraphrase Benedict Anderson's book and concept of the same name) "imagined communities" and the hobby of "playing country"; and

WHEREAS the intellectual debate between those Talossans in the prior and other Talossans (whose interests in serious micronations are similar to how individual photography, gaming, conlang, and other hobby groups are often curious about other like groups due to a desire to learn from their ideas and expand their hobby's horizons) has oftentimes grown heated and intense and thereby shifted energies away from the teleological growth of Talossan institutions of government, culture, language, and society onto irrelevant viciousness about the meaning of Talossan "patriotism" as either "orthodoxy" or "diversity"; and

WHEREAS a "micronation" or a "nationette" or an "imagined community" or a micropatrological entity (all of which describes Talossa in broad terms of "we know it when we see it") ought to be Self-, and not Other-, legitimizing; that is, ought to be and is respected due to its domestic institutions, culture, and people;

THEREFORE the Ziu resolves that a "Semi-Permeable Wall" ought to be and is the Official External Policy of the Kingdom of Talossa. Specifically,

The Ziu stipulates that all official micronational diplomatic recognitions by the Government of Talossa, whether by legislation, executive fiat, or implicit policy, are hereby withdrawn and disavowed in the spirit of goodwill and friendship that they were initially offered; and The Ziu stipulates by statute that the Government of Talossa will have no relations with any micronation in any form; and The Ziu requests that the Prime Minister thank the Micronational Affairs Minister for his time, efforts, and service to the Kingdom, and then close that Ministry as contrary to the wishes of the Talossan people as expressed through their elected representatives; and The Ziu requests that the Prime Minister thank his Envoys and Ambassadors, including his representative to the League of Secessionist States (L.O.S.S.), for their time, efforts, and service to the Kingdom, and then close all official micronational contacts, including Talossan membership in L.O.S.S.; and The Ziu stipulates that no part of this Act is intended to limit the free speech and assembly rights of or discriminate against any and all Talossan citizens to privately associate with any individual of their own choosing, including citizens of other micronations.

Uréu q'estadra så: Greg Tisher - (ZPT-Vuode)

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