Law:MCs are Responsible for Their Own Votes Act

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MCs are Responsible for Their Own Votes Act

Whereas the potential exists for the unsavory manipulation of the Secretary of State by MCs voting on the behalf of other MCs without their knowledge or consent, Therefore the Cosâ hereby declares that, beginning with the next Clark, all MCs must vote for themselves, and not through surrogates. They have innumerable options to communicate their own votes to the Secretary of State or to Undersecretary of State Madison, including postcards, letters and phone calls. MCs are responsible for casting their own votes with their own assigned seats, and cannot cast votes for other MCs. If an MC will be unavailable to vote for some reason during any particular month, they may inform the Secretary or Undersecretary that they wish to vote exactly as another, named MC. That will be considered the sole justification for MC surrogate voting.

Proposed by: John A. Jahn (PC-Maritiimi)

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