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New Peculiar Way
Leader: collective leadership
Beliefs: Peculiarism, polyarchy.

The New Peculiar Way is a Talossan political party. It was founded by Eiric Börnatfiglheu, Vitxalmour Conductour, Andreas Lorentz, Iason Taiwos, Ián Txaglh and Dieter N. Vercáriâ (in alphabetical order). Its predecessor was the unregistered-but-active APT.

The main concern of the New Peculiar Way is autonomy, be it national or individual autonomy. Freedom of thought and creativity are the best means of achieving and entrenching these autonomies.

The New Peculiar way envisions a third way between monarchism and republicanism, for the reconciliation of both apparently intransigent political camps. Therefor, the remaining political powers of the King would be vested into an elected political head of the state; this political head of the state might also inherit powers of the Seneschál. In this concept, the King would remain the ceremonial head of the state, a keeper of traditions as well as the permanent "face of the nationette".

Elected Officers (a.k.a. "The ChaChas")

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