Next General Election

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Next General Election
July 2018 General Election

All 200 seats in the Cosa
101 seats needed for a majority
Th mrpt.png FreeDemsLogo2018.jpeg RUMPlogo.png
Leader TBD Miestrâ A. Schivâ Alexandreu Davinescu
Party MRPT FreeDem RUMP
Leader since TBD 29 Jan 2019  ?
Leader's seat TBD MC (FreeDem) MC (RUMP)
Last election 69 63 61
Leader Mximo Carbonel
Party MTGA
Leader's seat MC (REP)
Last election 7

Outgoing Cosa

Outgoing Seneschal
Ian Plätschisch

The next Talossan General Election will approximately begin in March 2019, unless the Cosa is dissolved earlier. All 200 seats in the Cosa are up for reelection, in addition to the Senate seats for Atatürk, Cézembre and Vuode, a special election for Florencia's seat and various provincial assemblies.