Law:Nomination of Sir Fritz to the Uppermost Cort

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40RZ22 — Nomination of Sir Fritz to the Uppermost Cort

WHEREAS the seat on the Uppermost Cort of His Grace Senior Justice Duke Ian von Metairia has been vacated, and

WHEREAS the nation possesses, in Sir Fritz von Buchholtz, a Talossan of unblemished character and unquestioned honour, and

WHEREAS Sir Fritz has graciously agreed to serve his nation in this capacity (one of the few high offices in Talossa he has never held),

THEREFORE We John, by the Grace of God, King of Talossa and of all its Realms and Regions, King of Cézembre, Sovereign Lord and Protector of Pengöpäts and the New Falklands, Defender of the Faith, Leader of the Armed Forces, Viceroy of Hoxha and Vicar of Atatürk, do hereby nominate our right well-beloved the aforesaid Sir Fritz von Buchholtz to serve as Puisne Justice of the Uppermost Cort, trusting implicitly to his wisdom, loyalty, and probity, and

THEREUPON the Ziu hereby ratifies this nomination, and requests that Sir Fritz accept the appointment.

Urent q’estadra så:
John R

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