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43RZ1 — Nomination of an Admiral

WHEREAS El Marì Rexhital Talossan (MRT) is currently (and has always been) without an Admiral,

WHEREAS 35RZ32, The Naval Reorganization Act, mandates that the MRT be administered by an Admiral and,

WHEREAS 35RZ32 requires that any nominee to the rank and post of Admiral be appointed by the Monarch following confirmation of the Ziu in the form of an affirmative majority vote and,

WHEREAS the nominee has shown true, diligent, and faithful service over the last four plus years and will continue to do so now,

THEREFORE, I, Brad Holmes, Minister of Defence of the Kingdom of Talossa, do nominate and highly recommend promoting Tímoþi M. Asmourescu, Capitán, MRT, to the rank and post of Amirál, MRT.

Uréu q'estadra sa:
Brad Holmes, Minister of Defence (Senator, Atatürk)

Scribe's Notes

  1. Talossa's first Admiral was Kurt Litscher, friend of the then Defence Minister. Mr Litscher supplied the Kingdom with use of a sailboat and was declared Admiral of the Fleet by passage of 6RC57, The Glorious (but unarmed) Royal Fleet Act, dated November 30, 1987.
  2. This measure was ratified with overwhelming support from both chambers of the Ziu. His Majesty, King John, thereafter promoted and appointed Captain Asmourescu as Talossa's first Admiral of the modern Navy with the following proclamation:

Pursuant to the provision of 35RZ32, The Naval Reorganization Act, that the Admiral is "appointed by the Monarch upon recommendation by the Defence Minister and approved by a majority vote in the Ziu", and laying aside considerations of syntax,

We, John, King of Talossa and Cézembre, etc., do hereby, upon the nomination of the Defense Minister and the ratification of the Ziu, appoint our trusty and well-beloved subject Tímoþi M. Asmourescu, Capitán, MRT, to the rank and post of Amirál, MRT. We are utterly confident of Admiral Asmorescu's loyalty and zeal for the Kingdom of Talossa, and are very happy to make this appointment.

Done under Our hand royal in the city of Denver in Colorado, this 29th day of November (being the Vigil of the Feast of Saint Andrew Apostle and Martyr) in the year of salvation 2011, of the independence of Talossa the 32nd, and of Our reign the 5th.

— John Regeu

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