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People United for No King
Leader: Danihel Lauriéir, Frédéric Maugey
Founded: 8 November 1986
Beliefs: Republican

PUNK (People United for No King) was a political party that was formed following a merger of Danihel Lauriéir's Democratic Dandipratic Party (DDP) and Frédéric Maugey's Front United for the Nation (FUN).

Both the DDP and FUN had been operating in semi-coalition (known as the DDP-FUN bloc) since the 25th September 1986/VII when Maugey announced support for a Talossan republic, a plank that Lauriéir had been fighting on for some time prior.

On 8 November, the party leaders announced the formation of a single republican party, PUNK, which was the result of merging both their parties together.