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33RZ5 — Paper Ballots - It's About Time! Act

WHEREAS, citizens of Talossa should be able to vote with ease, including voting by mail; and

WHEREAS, there is not a standard ballot or voting system designed for voting by mail; and

WHEREAS, paper ballots if developed would provide this greater ease and give Talossans everywhere a more tangible connection with the nation.

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby declares that paper ballots shall be developed by the Secretary of State for use in each election; commencing with the next general election. These ballots shall be made available for download online, so that individual citizens and/or political parties may print, distribute and use these ballots to vote. Each ballot will contain a space for the voter's name and signature, and whatever other requirements are mandated by law. Clear voting instructions in both Talossan and English will be included with each ballot. In order to be counted in the election, the ballots must be received by the Secretary of State on or before election day.

The Ziu further declares that the Prime Minister, in cases of a national emergency or crisis, may override this legislation through the use of a Prime Dictate.

Uréu q'estadra så:
Mark Hamilton (MN - Atatürk)

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