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34PD4 — Peeps PD

I, Márcüs Cantaloûr, Seneschál del Regipäts Talossán, with the full weight and authority of my august position do hereby and forthwith declare the following Prime Dictate:

WHEREAS, the celebration of Easter is rapidly approaching, and

WHEREAS, today there exists a wide diversity of candy and treat options to purchase for the holiday season of Easter, and

WHEREAS, this variety may cause confusion and undue stress for consumers in Talossa, and

WHEREAS, there exists one of the world's finest Easter treats in "Marshmallow Peeps,"

THEREFORE, I heartily encourage all Talossans who observe Easter festivities to make a special effort to include the consumption of Marshmallow Peeps over the holidays.

Done under my hand this eleventh day of March, two thousand and five.

God Save The King!

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