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People to Provinces, Again, Act

Whereas, there is serious confusion once again as to what province people are in or should be in, Therefore the Cosâ hereby takes drastic action and divides the entire globe up into provincial zones, so we can tell what province you're assigned to by what zone you live in. This does not in any way imply Talossan claims or control over any zones outside the constitutionally recognised borders of the Regipäts Talossán.

ZONE 1 (Atatürk Province) Suburbs of the North Shore, all parts of Milwaukee north of Capitol Drive, the counties of Ozaukee, Washingon, Dodge, Columbia, Sauk, Richland, Crawford and all counties in Wisconsin north of these; and the states of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska; and all Provinces and Territories of Canada from Manitoba westward. (Amended by 21RC36)

ZONE 2 (Cézembre Colony) The Eastern Hemisphere, South America and the Caribbean islands.

ZONE 3 (Mussolini Province) All parts of the city of Milwaukee between Capitol Drive and Wisconsin Avenue, Wauwatosa, and the counties of Waukesha, Dade, Iowa and Grant.

ZONE 4 (Vuode Province) West Milwaukee, West Allis, Greenfield, Hales Corners, Franklin and Greendale; Upper Michigan, and Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Yrok and the New England states; All Canadian provinces from Ontario east. (Amended by 21RC36)

ZONE 5 (Maritiimi-Maxhestic Province) Milwaukee between Wisconsin Avenue and Oklahoma Avenue; St. Francis, S. Milwaukee, Cudahy, Oak Creek, and the counties of Racine, Kenosha,. Walworth, Rock, Green, and Lafayette; and all states east of the Mississippi and south of those listed in Zone 4, including the District of Columbia; also Bermuda and the Bahamas.

ZONE 6 (South-West Territories) Milwaukee south of Oklahoma Avenue, Jefferson County, the State of Illinois, the States of Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana, and all states westwards (excepting those under Zone 1, above) including Hawaiia and all U.S Pacific possessions; Mexico and the nations of mainland Central America, including Panama.

ZONE 7 (Pengopats Territory) All lands in the southern hemisphere, south of the Equator.

Persons living in the RT are assigned to the Province they live in. Persons may change their zone assignments only by Law of the Cosâ. John Jahn is assigned to Martiimi-Maxhestic Province. For the purposes of this act, Brook Gläfke must declare one official place of residence. Persons for whom no current address is available will be assigned (pending their actual or political death) to the province appropriate to their last kown actual residence.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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