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34PD10 — Pope John Paul II Mourning PD

I, Márcüs Cantaloûr, Seneschál del Regipäts Talossán, with the full weight and authority of my august position do hereby and forthwith declare the following Prime Dictate:

WHEREAS, the death of His Holiness Pope John Paul II, age 84, occured today, surrounded by the love and prayers of the Church and of pilgrims assembled in St. Peter's Square, and

WHEREAS, His Holiness has been a constant source of inspiration and a source of strength to countless billions around the world; not only to Roman Catholics, but to people of faith and goodwill everywhere, and

WHEREAS, His Holiness travelled with his message of the Gospel to all quarters of the globe with unflinching courage and sincere devotion, and in so doing revolutionized the image and public perception of the papacy, and

WHEREAS, His Holiness has done so much to advance freedom and the relevance of religion in a critical, modern world,

THEREFORE a Day of Mourning shall be observed on Friday, April 8, 2005 in memory of the glorious life of His Holiness Pope John Paul II. Talossans are hereby encouraged to mark the passing of His Holiness according to their own respective traditions.

Done under my hand this second day of April, two thousand and five.

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