Law:Protecting the Honour of the Senäts Amendment

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41RZ25 — Protecting the Honour of the Senäts Amendment

WHEREAS, the Senäts is the directly elected upper chamber of government set forth by the Organic Law;

WHEREAS, the Senäts must maintain a level of decency, honour, accountability, and legitimacy;

WHEREAS, a Senator must also maintain a level of decency, honour, accountability, and legitimacy;

WHEREAS, the Organic Law lacks any clear mechanism for Senators to deal with members of the Senate who have disgraced the chamber due to mis-, mal-, or non- feasance.

WHEREAS, the Article IV of the Organic Law shall be amended to include:

Section 12. The Senate may impeach any of its members from the Chamber with a 2/3-majority vote. Following impeachment, a vote must be held within a fortnight within the home province for the duration of a fortnight with the issue of expulsion by a simple majority of participating voters. If the province votes in the affirmative for expulsion, the Senator will lose his seat immediately at the close of the polls and the outline for a new Senator in Article IV, Section 10 of the Organic Law will be invoked. If the province votes down expulsion, the impeachment charges will be dropped. Following a failed expulsion, the accused Senator may not again be tried for the same offense, pursuant to OrgLaw XIX.7. The former Senator is not barred from running for office in future elections as long as the former Senator maintains citizenship.

Uréu q'estadra sa:
Viteu Toctviac'hteir (Senator, Vuode)

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