Law:Repeal 6RC86: The Cosa Vote Finality Act

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42RZ20 — The Repeal 6RC86: The Cosa Vote Finality Act

WHEREAS We seem to have "Confusion in the Cosa", even more than usual and,

WHEREAS Confusion while fun, is not always a good thing and,

WHEREAS The Cosa Finality Act appears to be unenforceable unless we re-appoint John Jahn to the position of SOS, now

THEREFORE the Ziu does hereby Repeal 6RC86: The Cosa Vote Finality Act

Scribe's Notes

  1. This Act passed by an overwhelming margin (137-10 in favour in the Cosa; with 7-0 in favour in the Senäts).
  2. A similar Act (42RZ12, The Cosa Vote Finality Act, Redux) was considered and passed by the Cosa but was vetoed by His Majesty, King John based on his belief that it was inOrganic.
  3. Interestingly enough, the Seneschal announced her intention to submit 6RC86 to the Cort pü Inalt to determine whether it was inOrganic and therefore unenforceable, but the Cosa repealed it before the Cort took up the matter.

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