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37RZ9 — Seat Security for Legislators Named Temporary Regents Amendment

WHEREAS, under the current provisions of the Organic Law a Regent is not permitted to hold any seats in the Senats or the Cosa during his or her regency

WHEREAS, should the King be forced to absent himself from the affairs of state for a short while he will likely seek to name a temporary Regent from among the ranks of the most active citizens, which certainly—despite some occasional evidence to the contrary—includes members of the Senats and the Cosa

WHEREAS, it seems unjust to "reward" those legislators who answer the call of serving their King as temporary Regents with the loss of their legislative seats

WHEREAS, the King himself is appalled by this prospect of potential injustice

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby adopts the following Amendment to the Organic Law, and transmits it to the voters for their ratification:

Article VIII, Section 6 is re-created to read:
Except as otherwise provided by law, anyone eligible to vote in Talossa is eligible to hold any governmental position, including Member of the Cosâ. However, neither a reigning King, nor his Consort, nor a Regent during his regency shall hold any seats, either in the Cosâ or in the Senäts. But if a member of the Ziu is appointed Regent, and does not wish to resign his or her seats, a temporary replacement shall be appointed who shall occupy the Regent's seats until he or she is no longer Regent or his or her term of occupation of those seats expires. The method of appointing the temporary holder of the Regent's seats shall be specified in law.

Uréu q’estadra så:
Danihél Lauriéir, MC (DOTT)

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