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A user who is an Administrator has access to a variety of tools for the construction and maintenance of the wiki. It is suitable for citizens who are very skilled at wiki editing and need access to a larger array of options, including the ability to modify CSS, import pages, and so on.

Administrator Guide

This brief guide outlines the responsibilities of Administrators on the wiki, and details the way their powers should be used. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Manager.


Pages should only be protected when they're the subject of pending legal action, when they're transcluded onto more than a hundred other pages, or when breaking them might cause serious problems.

Moving and deleting

Move pages to accommodate our Book.png Manual of Style. Leave a redirect behind, when you can.

Before deleting a page, see if you can merge or relocate any useful contents.


If you import a template, please be careful that it isn't dependent on other templates. Try not to leave anything more broken than you found it; if you're trying to make a change work, experiment on a copy in your userspace.