Talossan National Congress

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Talossan National Congress
TNC (1).jpg
Leader: Breneir Itravilatx
Dates Active: 1 December 2015 to present
Beliefs: Peculiar Idealist, Green, Monarchist.

The TNC (Talossan National Congress) is a Talossan political party. It was founded on 1 December 2015 and is currently led by Breneir Itravilatx.

The party's 50-word statement as presented to the Secretary of State: The Talossan National Congress is a green, progressive and royalist political movement. We seek a Talossa that closely adheres to its egalitarian principles and champions those same principles in the extra-Talossan world. Our weapons are hope and optimism and together we seek the change that our Kingdom needs.

Election Results

General Election # of overall votes  % of overall vote # of overall seats won +/- Notes
February 2016, 49th Cosa 17 13.93 (#4)
29 / 200
Increase 29


Province Member Current offices Joined
#1 Fl flag.jpg Breneir Itravilatx Minister of Foreign Affairs, Party Leader (Dec 2015)
#2 Ma flag.gif Tariq Zubair Cosa candidate (Dec 2015)
#3 Ce flag.png Tamas Onodi Cosa candidate (Dec 2015)
#4 Mmflag.png Daviu Lundescu Cosa candidate (Jan 2016)
#5 Ma flag.gif Precelseu Ruiçal Ianüc - (Feb 2016)
#6 Be flag.gif Ian Andríeu Civaßì - (Feb 2016)

Party Policy


  • Support for monarchy reforms to encourage Executive activity, ensure Legislative autonomy (Considered reforms: Elected long-term monarch, new censure measures to check Royal abuse of power, creation of legislative ability to override veto)
  • Should King John continue with inactivity and inattentiveness to the timely completion of basic duties then we will support an official censure and encourage King John to allow the ascension of someone else. “If we have de facto no King, then we will eventually push for de jure no King.”

Governmental Reform, Transparency and Oversight (OFFICE OF PRIME MINISTRY, FINANCE, INTERIOR)

  • Conduct organizational structural review program to assess and then identify improvements on bureaucratic efficiency by:
  • Further potential agency and ministry consolidations (potentially Culture and/or STUFF ministries)
  • Identifying and ending wasteful or embarrassing programs; (ex: Miss Talossa)
  • Convene Talossa’s first multiparty Conference on National Policy and Governance (we hope to work with the Royal Society on a nonpartisan, week-long and multifaceted clearinghouse for deep thinking on enduring Talossan issues
  • Cross-party and some nonpartisan technocratic ministerial appointments based on abilities and competence
  • Mandatory Performance Guidelines (performance on predetermined projects and timelines will be the primary criteria not political concerns) and the Office of the Prime Minister will conduct performance monitoring with government appointees no less than every two weeks
  • Each minister within the first month of appointment will have a plan of action containing program/task/project implementation directives with agreed timelines
  • Each ministry will either have an accountable deputy or a designated alternate appointee to be activated upon unsatisfactory performance by the incumbent appointee
  • Popular Initiative Amendment. (Support for amending the Organic Law to allow for formal advisements from the populace on non-budgetary legislative matters)
  • Citizen Service Corps. As a part of the next Census, the Civil Service Commission will be directed to create a citizen skills inventory which will be used as a part of the Service Corps Initiative which will compile a knowledge base of those possessing useful professional skills in potential government service for use by incoming administrations in search of technocratic talent.
  • Transparency. We seek at least one Live Cosa and one Live Terpalaziun (Question Period) within the next 12 months. Talossans deserve to see the spirited deliberations of their leaders and we need to make our Government more accessible to infrequent Witt users. We will also encourage the Ministry of Finance to create an online ‘Talossa’s Checkbook’ site where citizens can see where our Treasury is budgeting funds and where actual spending is occurring.
  • Other support reforms. We support opt-out privacy regimes, we support repeal of the Articulate Amendment and a return to the previous method of Tuischac’h appointment, we co-sponsored the Database Protection bill and will continue to promote multifaceted competencies within the Chancery through database acquisition or new development and cross-training, we support reform of citizenship law to extend, but not eliminate, the strikes allowance, we support Cosa reduction to no less than 60 seats, we support continuation of political party registration fees at $10 for political parties and an additional fee of $5 for Senate candidates, we encourage a nonpartisan and more efficient judiciary through set sessions for hearings and decisions and a voluntary Tamoran-like neutrality with judicial officers refraining from public partisanship

Egalitarian, Open Foreign Affairs (FOREIGN)

  • Cultivate ‘Good Steward’ relationship w/other nations through positive sociocultural engagement and structural competence-building
  • The previous Foreign Ministry conducted diplomatic inquiries with more than a dozen nations and made progress with three. We seek the first opening of official diplomatic relations
  • Champion Talossa’s egalitarian values in extra-Talossan realms
  • The Foreign Ministry will work to review the human rights and development of other alternative polities as a part of Talossa's new Good Steward policy
  • Ensure continued effective and efficient operation of the new Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance and International Development
  • In recognition of our nation’s Berber heritage we will seek recognition of the Sahrawi (Western Sahara) struggle for self-determination

Cultural Revitalization (CULTURE)

  • Revive the office of Poet Laureate
  • Encourage the continued growth of Ár Glheþ, particularly vocabulary and Talossan literature
  • Ensure regular updates of Talossan internet presences (Talossa Wiki, Talossa.com)
  • A Festival of Culture as a virtual exchange between Talossans around the world
  • Talossan Historical Standardization project