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22RZ29 — The Talossan Royal Armed Forces Act

WHEREAS self defence is necessary for maintaining the sovereignty of even the most peaceful and enlightened nations,

THEREFORE the Talossan Royal Armed Forces are hereby officially established.

  1. The Minister of Defence shall assume the responsibilities of Commander-In-Chief, acting under the authority of the Prime Minister. The TRAF shall be composed of two armies: the Terguárd (in English, National Guard) and the Talossan Expeditionary Force. The Terguárd shall remain on Talossan soil in case of invasion, while the TEF shall be deployed in bases world-wide, so that global strategic initiative may be taken.
  2. Each army shall be headed by a Lieutenant-General, to be selected by the Minister of Defence and approved by the Cosâ. Each Lieutenant-General shall have the power to appoint Commanders for the various divisions of the Army, including Infantry, Artillery, Naval, and Aerospace, as necessary. Each division shall have the power to adopt its own ranking system, regalia, and codes of conduct with the acquiescence of the Cosâ.
  3. Recruiting for the TRAF shall be on an entirely voluntary basis, and the draft shall never be instituted save for cases of extreme national peril, as determined by the Cosâ.

Scribe's Notes

  1. Records indicating the fate of this bill are not in the possession of the Scribery. However, if it had passed, the Scribery has ruled that it would be classified as repealed by 36RZ7, The "It Seemed A Bit Daft Me Havin' To Guard Him When He's A Guard" Act.

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