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22RZ14 — The "Good Riddance!" Act

WHEREAS the Chinese people have just lost their 92-year-old leader Deng Xiaopeng, and

WHEREAS this ruthless dictator has been a horrible tyrant to many Mongolians, Tibbetens, and his own people and Whereas this vile, old, cantankerous violater of human rights should have his body burried face down in order for him to see where he is going,

THEREFORE, the nation of Talossa hereby sends no message of condolence to the Chinese people but instead sends a message of hope for the people who shall use this as a possible opportunity to rid themselves of the corrupt Communist government still ruling in China.

Scribe's Notes

  1. Records indicating the fate of this bill are not in the possession of the Scribery. However, if it passed, this bill would have been classified as ephemeral in its nature and is therefore so classified.

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