Law:The "I am not a number, I am a free man!" Act

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The "I am not a number, I am a free man!" Act

WHEREAS since some citizens who have come have gone (in the Frédéric Maugey or Bill Renzi methods), and since this plays havoc with numbering citizens (we now have 30 citizens but is Andrew Worm really our 30th citizen, when 33 have gone before him?),

THEREFORE the Kingdom of Talossa hereby adopts a single form of "Social Security" numbers (Númeruis dal Sigürità Social; SS Numbers or "SSNs") for each citizen.

SSNs have three parts:

a. Form of naturalization b. Date of naturalization c. Citizenship number.

The first number in an SSN will be "0" (if you are the King, or were named a citizen by Royal decree back when I could do that), "1" if you were named a citzen by the Cosâ, and "2" if you are a native-born Talossan.

The second number is simply the month (01 through 12) and year in which you became a citizen.

The third number is the year (e.g. 81) and the fourth, the overall order of citizenship number.

EXAMPLES: King Robert became a citizen in December of 1979 and was the first citizen. Therefore his SSN is 012-79-0001. John Jahn was named a citizen in February 1983 and was the eighth citizen; his number is 002-83-0008. Nick Kovac was named a citizen by the Cosâ in April 1992; his number is 104-92-0033. A list of every citzen and his SSN will be published in the next CLARK, and an SSN will be given to every incoming citizen. This act shall not make the Talossan government responsible for anyone's security, nor imply that they are in fact social.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

Scribe's Note: This Act was repealed by Act of the 42nd Cosa with the passage of: 42RZ21

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