Law:The "You can run but you can't hide" Act

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The "You can run but you can't hide" Act

Whereas a tradition has grown up in RT politics of mailing campaign literature directly to voters, and whereas this wreaks havoc not only with opposition parties (who have no opportunity to see what they're being charged with) as well as with historians (who can't quote the campaign literature to see what the issues in the election really were), Therefore the Cosâ hereby mandates the following: If any political manifesto, leaflet or advert is drafted by any political party or organisation for mass distribution to two or more Talossan voters, acopy of that document must be depositied at the same time with the Secretary of State, for immediate transfer to the Müstáit Naziunál (National Archives), for public viewing. Violations shall be punished by the levying of a $3 fine for every such document not deposited.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode) [repealed by decision of Uppermost Cort, 30 July 1994/XV]

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