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38RZ10 — The (Further) Separation of Powers Amendment

WHEREAS it has long been felt that the simultaneous holding of multiple legislative offices by a single person is not a very good idea, and

WHEREAS it is probably even a worse idea for Justices of the Uppermost Cort simultaneously to serve in the Ziu, and

WHEREAS the population of Talossa has now grown sufficiently that we have plenty of people to fill the Uppermost Cort, the Senäts, and the Cosa, without having to "double up" on jobs,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby approves the following amendment to the Organic Law, and transmits it to the people for ratification.

Article VIII Section 6 is amended to read:
Except as otherwise provided by law, anyone eligible to vote in Talossa is eligible to hold any governmental position, including Member of the Cosa. However, neither a reigning King, nor his Consort, nor a Regent during his regency shall hold any seats either in the Cosa or in the Senäts, nor shall any Senator hold any seats in the Cosa.
Article XVI Section 3 is amended to read:
Neither a reigning King nor his Consort, nor a Regent during his regency, nor the Secretary of State, nor the Seneschal shall be a Justice of the Uppermost Cort or a judge in any inferior court that the Ziu may create. Nor shall any Senator or Member of the Cosa be a Justice of the Uppermost Cort.

Noi urent q'estadra sa,
John, King of Talossa

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