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The Amendment for FREE Speech

Whereas, numerous MCs have an abundance of ideas floating around somewhere in their heads, and Whereas there is no such thing as too much bureaucracy in a country whose initial purpose was to cure boredom, and Whereas our esteemed Secretary of State gets almost all of his copies for free anyway, Therefore Articles 73a and 73b of the Constituziun (LC1.12.90) are hereby amended into non-existence. This puts into reality RC34 of the May 1992 Clark, which was approved by the Living Cosâ but was then thrown out on a technicality by King Robert I. (Pay no attention to the whining of Ben and John that the grueling labor of having to press the "Print" button one more time is worht $.50) Nick Kovac also promises to provide extra scotch tape for Herr Jahn if he finds that to be an unfathomable expense.

Proposed by: Nick Kovac (MP-Vuode)

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