Law:The Amendment to OrgLaw Article VI, Section 2 Act

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23RZ32 — The Amendment to OrgLaw Article VI, Section 2 Act

WHEREAS Mark A. Pendl (ZPT-Maricopa) has called for the following amendment to the 1997 Organic Law:

WHEREAS there are no provisions for by-elections in the 1997 Organic Law, Article VI Section 2 shall read: "The Cosa shall be the sole body elected by the whole of the nation. It shall be elected by universal ballot after each dissolution." The words, "...or in by-elections" shall be removed.

And WHEREAS the only way this can be accomplished is by a national referendum;

THEREFORE the Ziu authorises a national referendum on the amendment proposed by Mark A. Pendl, which will coincide with the next General Elections.

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act passed the Cosa 15-0-0 and the Senate 6-0-0

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