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The Annual Talossan Holidays Act

The Cosâ hereby officially establishes the two following Talossan National Holidays. In doing do, it makes them official Talossan functions, not just authorised but mandated to take place each year, to the furtherance of our Nation's power, majesty, longevity, etc. The Cosâ also hereby establishes the Holidays Committee, to be comprised of the King, the Prime Minister, the Secretary of State and the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue. The Committee's duty will be organization, location, date, authorised purchases, etc. The Committee cannot of its own power cancel a Talossan Holiday or hold it at an unauthorised date. The official Talossan Holidays established are:

TALOSSAN NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE DAY (To be held on a Committee-chosen date during the months of December or January) TALOSSAFEST (To be held on a Committee-chosen date during the months of July or August)

Proposed by: John A. Jahn (PC-Maritiimi)

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