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39RZ4 — The BOHICA Act

WHEREAS Talossa has an active, all volunteer armed service and

WHEREAS serving one's country is a good thing and

WHEREAS all good things must come to an end and

WHEREAS veterans of the Talossan military should be afforded due credit for their service so

THEREFORE it be resolved that

  1. members shall be discharged from the military under one of the three following discharge characters:
    • HONOURABLE - Awarded to a member who, upon discharge, has conducted themselves with honour during the period of their enlistment and to whom any lesser discharge would be inappropriate.
    • GENERAL - Awarded to a member whose record of conduct is marred by some minor disciplinary infractions. This discharge will be awarded upon recommendation of a senior officer and is subject to final approval by the Minister of Defence.
    • DISMISSAL - A removal from the service due to severe disciplinary infractions or conviction by the High Cort or as laid out by active military law and regulation. The final approving authority for awarding this discharge to an enlisted person is the Minister of Defence and the King for Officers and Warrant Officers.
  2. All veterans discharged under HONOURABLE or GENERAL conditions will be entitled to wear all military medals awarded during their service. Service members who are DISMISSED from the service of the King may not re-enter military service unless authority is granted by the Royal Household.
  3. Discharges may be upgraded after the fact by Royal decree or a ruling made by a Discharge Review Board and signed by the Minister of Defence. No discharge may be downgraded after being issued.
  4. Veterans discharged under GENERAL conditions or who are DISMISSED from the King's service may make a formal request for review by the Discharge Review Board and the Minister of Defence to consider an upgrade of discharge character.
  5. Service members approved for "Retired" status will be awarded an Honourable Discharge and will be permitted to retain their rank with the post-nominal "Ret." or "Retired" along with the member's respective branch of service.

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