Law:The Ban the Obnoxious Adolescent Idiots Act

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The Ban the Obnoxious Adolescent Idiots Act

The Cosâ hereby calls upon the Law and Order Ministry to hunt down, arrest, and forever deport from all Talossan territory, all of those obnoxious teenage and twenty-something morons who skateboard;

and all those similar morons who spend hour upon hour bouncing little bean bags in the air.

Oh, what fun!

All confiscated bean bags and skateboards are to be gathered together and burned at a solemn ceremony to be held on Duce Day, 1994/XV (July 29th).


Proposed by: John A. Jahn (PC-Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

  • Note: Passage of this bill effectively kills PD34 of PM Buffone, issued on 9/30/92, which allowed the skateboarder menace to flourish in our beloved, tranquil nation in the first place.

Scribe's Note: This Act was repealed by Act of the 42nd Cosa with passage of 42RZ19.

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