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38RZ2 — The Broad-Leaf Dandelion Act

WHEREAS Talossan citizenship ("the best thing money can't buy") is granted unto any person naturally born to (or, as precedent has established, adopted at birth by) a Talossan citizen, and

WHEREAS Talossan law somehow strangely fails to provide any mechanism for any other (already living and breathing, crying and complaining, laughing and playing) child of a Talossan citizen to become a citizen themselves until reaching the age of majority and applying for citizenship personally, and

WHEREAS that seems pretty odd, considering that any other nation of the world (which is what Talossa is) would certainly admit to citizenship any minor children of any new citizen immigrating to such other nation, and

WHEREAS like we say, Talossa is as real as any other nation of the world, and actually probably even more real than France, and

WHEREAS immigration law can easily be adjusted to account for this unfortunate oversight, and

WHEREAS if something is easy to do, then we have a pretty good chance of actually getting around to doing it, and

WHEREAS we are now getting around to doing it, and just in the nick of time, because we have a condition now where a poor little kid has three Talossan little kid siblings and no way to become one himself, and

WHEREAS we also have other little kids, looking jealously at their cool Talossan parents, wishing they could wear the red and green in our national Cub Scout pack and a bunch of other little kid things that we probably haven't even established yet, now

THEREFORE be it resolved by the Ziu of the Kingdom of Talossa that The Youthful Citizenship Clarification Act (35RZ4) is hereby amended to add a third clause, reading:

Any minor child or ward of a Talossan citizen shall be made a citizen on simple application of the Talossan parent or guardian. Such application shall be made to the Secretary of State and shall affirm that any non-Talossan parent or legal guardian of the minor child (according to and under any jurisdiction of the world) accedes to said citizenship. The said minor child shall be made a citizen of the province to which the parent making the described application clings, regardless of the closure status of the province. Said child shall be forever entitled to be known as a Dandelion, and specifically as a Broad-Leaf Dandelion, and shall on reaching the age of 14 years become a voting citizen according to the terms of Article XVIII, Section 7 of the Organic Law and of Section 2 of this Act.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:
The "Junior" Senator Brad Holmes (Senator, Atatürk)
Owen Edwards (MC, LRT)

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