Law:The Budget Act for the 39th Cosa

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39RZ10 — The Budget Act for the 39th Cosa

WHEREAS the current total in our Treasury is $304.49, and

WHEREAS the Finance Minister needs $100.00 for production of stamps etc, and

WHEREAS the Minister of Stuff needs $70 for a Livery Collar, and Whereas none of the other Ministries have asked for any of the treasury to do anything this Cosa, and

WHEREAS it would behoove His Majesty to try to get us rich with whatever the government doesn't find a need to expend, now

THEREFORE the Ziu of the Kingdom of Talossa authorizes the aforementioned expenditures, and

FURTHERMORE the Ziu is informed that it is the intention of the government that the remaining balance of $134.49 is left for emergency spending and for investment as directed by the Finance Minister according to the policy reported.

Ureu q'estadra sa:
Ieremiac'h Ventrutx, Seneschal, for His Majesty's Government

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