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The Buy Krugerrands Act

Whereas in a law of 8/23/86. the RT imposed snactions upon South Africa, demanding the release of ANC leader Nelson Mandela and the creation of a "multi-ethnic, federal democracy" before these sanctions would be lifted; and Whereas PDs 1a and 4 only extended RT "diplomatic relations" and "recognition" to the ANC and the "Botha Government"; Therefore, the Cosâ hereby enacts the following:

Due to the release of Mandela nd the creation of a democratic system in South Africa, due in no small part to the extraordinary pressure exerted upon the latter by Talossan economic sanctions, the Cosâ hereby congratulates Mandela and DeKlerk for their work in creating a new state, and hereby wishes to endorse the new South Africa by dropping sanctions forthwith.

Proposed by: John Jahn (PC-Maritiimi-Maxhestic); Robert Madison (PC-Vuode); Wes Erni (PC-Vuode)

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