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The Buy Our Books Amendment

Talossans have a variety of sources from which to learn about Talossa. The sentence "Furthermore, no person may acquire Talossan citizenship unless he purchases or otherwise acquires a copy of the most recent edition of The History of the Kingdom of Talossa by Robert Madison" in Art. 94c of the Constituziun is hereby stricken from the Constituziun. lt is replaced by the following text which shall apply to any current or future applicants for RT citizenship:

Furthermore, the Cosâ may judge a prospective citizens commitment to Talossa on the grounds of whether or not the prospective has purchased or otherwise lawfully acquired works which the Cosâ feels are appropriate to the new citizens naturalisation and edification. Such books may include Madison is History of Talossa, the National Atlas of Talossa, the Lexicon of Talossan English, Jahn's Flags of the Kingdom of Talossa, or other similar works written by Talossans about Talossa. The bill put before the Cosâ to naturalise a new Citizen shall specify any such book or books so obtained, so that the citizen's commitment to Talossa may be publicly evaluated.

Uréu q’estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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