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The By-Elections Act

The effect of this Act is to authorise "by-elections" on a national scale to fill vacant Cosâ seats. If enacted, it would work like this: Wes Erni dies in a horrible bridge accident in February. His 35 seats are vacant. Prime Minister Jahn authorises a by-election in March and five people vote in it: 3 vote PC and 2 vote for the Wes Will Return Religious Party (WWRRP). His 35 seats are split up 21 for the PC and 14 for the WWRRP. The new seat assignments take effect in the April Clark. The words "or in by-elections, which form an exception the normal practice" are added to Article 32. Article 43 is deleted.

Article 44 is changed to read as follows:

"Each person thus appointed acts as a correspondent representative, known as a "Member of the Cosâ" (MC). MCs may not be removed from office except by a two-thirds vote by the Cosâ and approval by the Prime Minister. An MC vacates his seat if he fails to vote on two consecutive Clarks, or if he resigns from office or dies. Any seats left unassigned at the end of the first Clark are considered vacant."

The following text is added as a new Article 37a:

"In the case of vacant seats occurring between elections, the Prime Minister may (by PD) authorize a by-election to fill any and all vacant seats. All vacant seats as of the date of the END of the by-election are filled at once by said by-election. A by-election begins on the 7th of the month and lasts until the 25th of that month. A special ballot is drawn up by the Secretary of State and may be obtained by anyone at cost. Except for the aforementioned time parameters a by-election behaves just like a normal election. The vacant seats are split up among the parties according to the percentage of votes cast in the by-election, and take effect at the beginning of the next Clark."

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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