Law:The Cézembre Province Certification Act

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The Cézembre Province Certification Act

[Archival note from Marc Moisan, Scribe of Abbavilla emeritus: Once upon a time, each province was governed by a governor subject to Federal approval unless they had a functioning government and democratic elections and obtain "certification" from the Ziu. Many provinces were certified and some de-certified and later re-certified, etc. The certification legislation was removed from the Organic Law and replaced by mandatory legislative election in each provinces under 33RZ2 - The Provincial Elections Reform (Amendment) Act. Thus, even though 24RZ1-The Cézembre Province Certification Act was not officially repealed, it has no relevance today, and was made irrelevant by the amendement made to the Organic Law, referenced above. (For this reason, the act is categorized here as ephemeral.)]

WHEREAS the Organic Law confers full autonomy upon provinces which have been certified by the Ziu; and

WHEREAS the Province of Cézembre has had a fully democratic form of government for almost a year; and

WHEREAS Cézembre has a number of provincially active citizens and grows and grows and grows like no other Talossan overseas province;

THEREFORE the Ziu votes herewith to Certify Cézembre Province as a democratic, loyal portion of the Talossan nation.

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