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The Canadaturk Act

The "People To Provinces, Again" Act (RC18.1.94) is hereby amended The words "from Manitoba westward" are stricken from Zone 1, and "all Canadian provinces from Ontario east" are stricken from Zone 4. The effect of this is to assign all Talossan citizens who live in Canada to the Province of Atattirk, so that this growing sector of our country may form a vigorous and undivided part of the political life of Atatürk Province. It also moves Marc- André Dowd from Vuode to Atatürk Province. Moreover, the following paragraph is added: "ZONE 7 (Pengopats Territory) All lands in the southern hemisphere, south of the Equator." This will assign all Talossan citizens in the Southem Hemisphere to the aforementioned Antarctic territory, so that this forgotten piece of Talossan real estate can grow into a vibrant, if chilly, part of the Kingdom.

Uréu q'estadra så: R. Ben Madison (PC-Vuode)

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