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35RZ20 — The Canon of Laws Act

WHEREAS The Talossan Canon of Laws Act (25RZ21) is badly written, unclear, and unnecessary, and

WHEREAS the Scribe of Abbavilla, to his great credit and the profit of the nation, has undertaken the maintenance of a wonderful set of webpages which fulfill, better than has ever been done before, the oft-expressed desire of the Ziu that the entire body of Talossan law (L'Anuntziâ dels Legeux) be made easily available to the people, and

WHEREAS the Scribe should be encouraged to go on with this project, but not have his hands tied by overly detailed instructions about just how it should be done,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby

  1. REPEALS the Talossan Canon of Laws Act (25RZ21), and
  2. ENACTS that The Scribe of Abbavilla, an Officer of the Royal Household, is charged with the maintainance of the Canon of the Laws (L'Anuntziâ dels Legeux), and with assuring and enhancing easy public access thereto.

Uréu q'estadra så:
John Woolley (MC, CLP)

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