Law:The Carry Me Home To Ol' Florency Act

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22RZ21 — The Carry Me Home To Ol' Florency Act

WHEREAS, Talossan citizen Charles Sauls seeks to relieve MC John Eiffler of the extreme loneliness and boredom concomitant with being Florencia Province's only Citizen;

AND WHEREAS, this severely underpopulated Province has no access to the Internet whatsoever and Charles can rectify this bigtime;

THEREFORE the Cosâ hereby moves Charles Sauls' Provincial Citizenship from Atatürk to Florencia Province tout de suite.

Scribe's Notes

  1. Records indicating the fate of this bill are not in the possession of the Scribery. However, its passage is assumed, as Charles Sauls' citizenship is indeed recorded as being Florencian.

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