Law:The Charles Sauls Dual Citizenship Act

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23RZ44 — The Charles Sauls Dual Citizenship Act

WHEREAS 23 RZ35 of February 1998 says that all dual citizenships must be registered with the Ziu; and

WHEREAS that same bill says that a dual citizenship without such recognition be counted as treason; and

WHEREAS there is, unfortunately, no provision for the "grandfathering" in of current dual citizens; and

WHEREAS Charles Sauls is currently a dual citizen of Talossa and Penguinea, thus putting him in violation of said proposed act; and

WHEREAS Talossa, whether enthusiastically or begrudgingly, recognises that the presence of said Sauls in Penguinea does lead to a much lower incidence of anti-Talossanism from said quarter;

THEREFORE the Ziu, in solemn and confidential Gruppengloppen (in the same manner as a vote on a regular Talossan citizenship), does approve of the dual citizenship of Charles Sauls in Talossa and Penguinea.

Uréu q'estadra så:
Charles Sauls (PC-Florenciâ)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act passed the Cosa 9-2-4 and the Senate 4-1-1.

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