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8RC31 — The Citizenship Admission Reform Amendment

[This Amendment replaces Article 94 of the Constituziun. Because of the central nature of the citizenship question to Talossa's very existence this amendment exceeds the 150-word maximum for bills as imposed in LC5 (Oct.88).]

Art. 94a. Any foreigner or Cestoür who feels in his heart that he is Talossan may acquire Talossan citizenship. To do this, he must appeal to the Secretary of State for the appopriate papers. He must complete an objective exam dealing with questions of how government works and of history. He must also write an essay on "What Talossa Means to Me" answering four specific questions: 1) Why do you want to be a citizen? 2) How do you plan to participate in Talossa? 3) Would you change anything in Talossa? 4) Aside from a place where you can voice your opinions, what else does Talossa mean to you? The essay will be judged on quality of ideas, style of writing, humour, and understanding of the spirit of Talossa.

Art. 94b. Upon completeion of the essay the prospective citizen will be interviewed by the Uppermost Cort at a public meeting. The Cort shall be presented with the prospective's essay and exam and the sworn deposition of one or more Talossan citizens vouching for the character of the prospective. The Corive t shall ask the prospectquestions; so may anyone at the meeting. The Cort shall then issue a non-binding resolution to the Cosâ, approving or disapproving the prospective.

The Cosâ, by majority vote, shall admit or disadmit the prospective to citizenship. And Cosâ member who votes against a prospective must write an Address to the Whole House explaining why he voted as he did. A disadmitted prospective must reundergo the entire process if he wishes to be admitted. Other restrictions or requirements may be imposed by law.

Proposed by: Tom Buffone (PC-Mussolini); Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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