Law:The Citizenship Process Clarification Act

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The Citizenship Process Clarification Act

WHEREAS Talossan citizenship is one of the best things one can't buy for money; and

WHEREAS the Minister for Immigration and the members of the Uppermost Cort take valuable hours out of their time to process the applications of prospective citizens; and

WHEREAS this is not a boon to be scorned; and

WHEREAS prospective citizens who never seem to reach the goal do not make Talossa a better place;

THEREFORE the Ziu of Talossa hereby legislates the following:

From the day the Uppermost Cort grants their approval of a prospective citizen, said prospective has exactly three calendar months to complete all immigration paperwork required. After that period of time, the citizenship application has lapsed and the prospective citizen needs to re-apply and undergo a new scrutiny by the Uppermost Cort.

In case of such a re-application, not being able to give a sufficiently good reason for failing to complete the immigration requirements the first time, shall be sufficient reason for the Cort to deny a second approval.

Uréu q'estadra så: T. Cartéir Adrár - (TLP-Vuode)

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