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The Committee on the Future Act

Whereas, the Kingdom is contemplating advertising itself on the Internet, which may possibly bring a comparatively massive wave of new immigrants to our metaphoric shores, and Whereas, Talossa may as a society and as a government be unprepared to deal with large numbers of new, unsocialized citizens, Therefore, the Cosâ hereby appoints Robert Madison to chair a Committee on the Future, to be assisted by such others as he shall choose (but not Al Gore, Newt Gingrich, or the Tofflers) to debate such questions as this issue may cause to arise. Questions that might be debated are included on p. 2, in the Address to the Whole House.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

ADDENDUM: ADDRESS TO THE WHOLE HOUSE R. Ben Madison (PC-Vuode) Esteemed Members of the Cosâ: If RC4 passes, it is my intent to circulate a questionnaire to all members of the Committee on the Future to discuss various issues relating to new immigrants. These questions will include: Do we want to relax or strengthen immigration laws? Do we want a quota on new immigrants to keep Talossa from getting swamped? Do we want a 'House of Lords' so those who have been Talossan for years can maintain some control over the national identity? Do we want to give the King 'emergency powers' in case new immigrants team up to 'take over' Talossa and steer it off its historic course? Should we reinstate a multiple choice civics test for immigrants? Etc. I hope you will all vote for RC 4 and actively participate in the survey that will be drafted. Please tell me if you want to be included on the Committee on the Future. I guarantee you: If you apply, you will be approved.

(Signed) RBM.

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