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The Commonly Associated Act

WHEREAS Article 4 Section 10 of the Organic Law specifies that the King, in appointing a replacement for a vacant Senate seat, “must appoint the individual designated to him by the political party with which the outgoing Senator was commonly associated”, but

WHEREAS it is not always clear with what political party a Senator is “commonly associated”, and

WHEREAS that could cause real problems, now

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby enacts that each Senator on taking office is encouraged and expected to (and any Senator at any time may) publicly designate some one political party as that with which he is to be considered “commonly associated”; or he may, if he desires, designate himself as not being “commonly associated” with any political party.

Uréu q'estadra så:

Mà Barôn Tepistà (MC, RUMP)

[NOTE: This law was repealed by 37RZ11, The Standing on His Own Legs Amendment.]

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