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6RC81 — The Composition of the Government Act=

Articles 47 through 51, and the 10th Amendment of the Organic Law are hereby repealed. IN their place the following law is enacted:

  • Article 1. The Government shall consist of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.
  • Article 2. The PM shall be appointed by the King after consultation with leaders of the majority party or parties immediately following a national election. With the consent of a majority of votes in the Cosa, the PM shall take office no later than 2 weeks following the close of elections.
  • Article 3. The PM shall be sworn in either in person or by post, using this oath: "I do solemnly affirm that I, (name), will faithfully execute the office of (His or Her) Majesty's First Minister of the Kingdom of Talossa, and will to the best of my ability defend the integrity of the Talossan state. Long live the king!"
  • Article 4. The PM shall appoint and dismiss Ministers as will assist him in the governing of the country, but with the proviso that there must be a Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as such other Ministers whose Ministries are established by law.
  • Article 5. Any one person may fill any number of posts.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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