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22RZ28 — The Cone Wars Come Home To Roost Act

WHEREAS, Gary L. Cone was physically present at the Kingdom of Talossa's formal Declaration of Independence on 26 December 1979; and

WHEREAS, he has been a fabled part of Talossan song and story for more than fifteen years; and

WHEREAS, Mr Cone has decided to apply for Talossan Citizenship in an effort to (among other things) redeem his reputation among the citizenry who have thought of him as the "defeated Glib Room Empire villain" for all that time; and

WHEREAS, Cone has been enthusiastically received by those Old Growth Talossans who have known him, or known of him, all these long years of his exile;

THEREFORE, this Cosâ hereby confers Talossan citizenship upon Gary Cone and welcomes him into the Kingdom of Talossa.

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act passed the Cosa, although the votes cast were not recorded, as during this period, votes on citizenship bills were secret.

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