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37PD1 — Creation of Organic Law Day

I, Mà la Mhà, Prüm Barôn Tepistà, Seneschál del Regipäts Talossán, with all duly vested authority and stuff, do hereby and forthwith declare the following Prime Dictate, beseeching his Majesty the King to grant his assent with all due celerity that it might become law:

WHEREAS our Organic Law became effective on 6 July 1997/xviii, the day following the conclusion of a popular referendum to replace the 1988 Constituziun therewith, and;

WHEREAS today, 6 July 2007/xxviii, marks the decennial of the adoption of the Organic Law, and;

WHEREAS such an important anniversary is deserving of solemn observation, and;

WHEREAS the 1997 Organic Law is now Talossa's longest-serving constitution, surpassing the 1988 Constituziun by nearly a year, and;

WHEREAS Talossa is a nation under the rule of law, and a holiday encouraging its citizens to reflect on our most fundamental law would foster civic virtue, public-mindedness, and patriotic spirit in our Kingdom, now;

THEREFORE I declare that the date 6 July shall hereafter be observed as a Talossan National Holiday, to be known as "Organic Law Day."

FURTHERMORE, because Organic Law Day is an occasion as deserving of a fireworks display as King Robert I's birthday (2 July), but having two separate fireworks displays so close together would be an unnecessary burden upon the public fisc, the public fireworks display mandated by 6RC15 (The Official Holidays Act) shall celebrate both holidays together, and shall be held on a date falling roughly between the two holidays.

Dïeu salvadra el Regeu! Dïeu salvadra el Regipäts Talossán!

Done under my hand this 6th day of July, 2007/xxviii.

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