Law:The Creation of the Magistracy (Amending) Act

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42RZ2 — The Creation of the Magistracy (Amending) Act

WHEREAS Judges should only be Judges in the Cort they were originally appointed to and to only one Court and not several, and

WHEREAS it makes no sense having Judges of a superior court ex officio members of an inferior court, and

WHEREAS the Uppermost Cort has to hear appeals from the Magistrate's Court and this can be quite problematic especially when a judge of the Uppermost Cort was the one who heard the case in the Magistrate's Court, and

WHEREAS it makes sense not to mix and match Judges in different Courts, now

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby enacts that 39RZ18, The Creation of a Magistracy Act, Section 2 is amended to read as follows:

The Magistrate Court shall consist of not less than two and no more than three Magistrates. No member of the Uppermost Cort and/or person(s) barred by Article XVI, Section 3 of the Organic Law, from being a Judge and/or non-citizens may be a Magistrate. Magistrates shall be chosen and removed as provided in Article XVI, Section 1 & Section 4 of the Organic Law.

FURTHERMORE any member of the Uppermost Cort who at the time of the passing of this Act who also holds the office of a Magistrate in the Magistrates' Court, is deemed to of resigned as a Magistrate in the Magistrates' Court with immediate effect.

Uréu q'estadra så:
HM Government, represented by:
Litz Cjantscheir, Seneschal (MC, RUMP)

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