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The Cybercits Immigration Control Amendment

The following is added to Article 92: "Applicants for citizenship who cannot be interviewed face-to-face by the Uppermost Cort are classified as Cybercits, and their admission to citizenship is covered in Articles 110-118."

And the following new articles are added to the Constituziun:

Art. 110. All applicants for citizenship who cannot be interviewed face-to-face by the Uppermost Cort are classified as "Cybercits" for all legal and constitutional purposes.

Art. 111. Before a Cybercit can apply for RT citizenship, he must purchase one (1) copy of Ár Päts: A Cheap Talossan History. The cost shall be $2.00 plus shipping and handling. In the event his application for citizenship is turned down, this purchase shall not be refunded.

Art. 112. A Cybercit must, with his application for Citizenship, complete or submit all of the following:

  • The standard MC-95a citizenship application form
  • The "What Talossa Means to Me" Essay specified in Art. 94a of this Constituziun
  • An additional autobiographical essay
  • A photograph of himself
  • Proof of identity (any one of the following):
  • photocopy of passport
  • photocopy of driver's licence
  • photocopy of birth or marriage certificate
  • The completed Civics Test (see below)
  • A current snail-mail address and telephone number

Art. 113. The Secretary of State and the Uppermost Cort shall form a committee to draft a multiple choice and/or short answer exam, known as the Civics Test, consisting of 40 questions based on the Ár Päts text. They shall revise this test periodically. A passing score is 30 or more questions correct. The committee shall score the exam.

Art. 114. After the requirements of Article 112 are successfully completed, the Uppermost Cort shall interview the prospective citizen by mail, telephone, or e-mail, and shall recommend to the Cosâ whether or not to approve the citizen. If the recommendation is in the negative, the application shall be denied.

Art. 115. The Cosâ shall admit the prospective Cybercit on a two-thirds vote (not a simple majority).

Art. 116. Once the Cybercit has been approved, he must (within two months of his approval) purchase all of the following materials:

  • The National Atlas of Talossa or Flags of the Kingdom of Talossa
  • The Catalög Telefiunál
  • The Lexicon of Talossan English
  • Any one other Talossa-related book from the official book list

Art. 117. If the Uppermost Cort shall at any subsequent time find any fraud or dishonesty in the Cybercit's original application for citizenship, including his answers to Cort interview questions; or if the Uppermost Cort shall convict the Cybercit for anti-Talossan activities, it may impose the penalty of expulsion from Talossa. The King may commute such a sentence. In the event of a citizen's termination in this fashion, none of his purchases shall be refunded. Art. 118. Any application for citizenship which is denied may be resubmitted in toto following the next general election.

Uréu q'estadra så: R. Ben Madison (PC-Vuode)

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