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The Dandelion Act

Whereas, the Cosâ a while back enabled native-born Talossans to achieve full citizenship without going through all the rigmarole the rest of us had to go through, but Whereas the system now in place is still clumsy and megabureaucratic (requiring the exchange of letters, formal Cosâ notification, etc.), the Cosâ hereby drops all the pretence and changes the following articles to read as follows: Art. 92. Talossan Citizenship is only acquired by birth or by legal action by the Cosâ. Art. 95. Children born to one or more Talossan parents (if born after 1 January 1983/X) are native-born Talossans ("Dandelions") and shall have full voting rights beginning on their 14th birthday. The Cosâ may by law grant them voting rights before this time if they appear sufficiently bright.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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