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The Declaration of War on Serbia Act

Talossa, as a free, democratic and peace-loving state, is outraged beyond mere words at the extreme brutality and complete disregard for all the rules of humanity and civilised behavior as has been perpetrated by Serbia and the Bosnian Serbian Republic. Talossa, therefore, wishes to proudly announce to the world's nations that it is the first to express its disdain for Serbian atrocity by declaring that a state of war exists between the Talossan Kingdom and Serbia and their Bosnian Serbian allies. Any and all Talossan military actions to be undertaken inconducting this war are hereby placed under the direct command of Defence Minister General Wes Erni. The Talossan Uppermost Cort (TUC) is hereby set up as a tribunal in order to try all known and suspected Serbian war criminals. This state of war shall exist until the situation in the Balkas becomes one that can be accepted by the Talossan Kingdom, or until Serbia has been invaded and occupied by Talossan Armed Forces (whichever comes first). SERBIA MUST BE DESTROYED! This bill, if passed, is to take effect 1 July 93/XIV.

Proposed by: John Jahn (PC-Maritiimi)

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