Law:The Decoupling the Public and Private Witts Act

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This law is currently

Ziu 47th Clark 5th
Sponsored by: Alexandreu Davinescu, C. Carlüs Xheraltescù

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED
PER 168 — CON 0 — AUS 13

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED
PER 6 — CON 0 — AUS 1

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47RZ22: The Decoupling the Public and Private Witts Act

Whereas the monarchy of Talossa is one of our greatest strengths, and has sustained the nation through many a troubled time, and

Whereas the elected government of Talossa is another of our greatest strengths, and has continually revitalized Talossa with new ideas and talent, and

Whereas private citizens may dispose of their property as they wish and their communications cannot be abridged by the law, as enshrined in the First Covenant of the Organic Law (not to mention the Third, Fourth, Sixth, Eighth, and Thirteenth, which are also involved), and

Whereas public debate of the issues and possible new citizens are necessary for a healthy country, and the Ziu and Government and Corts must be free of any extralegal oversight for debate and immigration to be honest and effective, and

Whereas these four principles are coming into conflict with the current arrangement of Talossa's message board, Wittenberg, and for the good of all we should take the Gordian solution and separate the public and private,

Therefore there shall be a new Title J in el Lexhatx, named "Telecomuna." It shall consist of the following provisions: 1. The Chancery shall be responsible for providing an official internet message board(s) or forum(s) for the express use of Household, Government, or provincial business. The Secretary of State or his delegated representative within the Chancery shall make all reasonable effort to maintain and make available this board(s) for all offices of the Household, Government, or provinces that so request. The Secretary of State shall have ultimate discretion in the question of infrastructure, although he is highly advised to take the wishes of officials into account in his decisionmaking.

2. Each officeholder or head of agency shall be responsible for monitoring any board(s) provided for their use, and reporting any problems or requests to the Chancery as needed.

3. This board(s) shall include the necessary infrastructure to allow the Ziu to fulfill its functions, including proposing, debating, and considering bills and the posing of Terpelaziuns. This board(s) will also provide a place for citizens to register their votes in elections. This board(s) shall be known as "Telecomuna."

Furthermore, the Ziu directs that all references to "Wittenberg" within the following provisions of el Lexhatx shall be changed to "Telecomuna": A.5.4.7, A.15, B.3, C.1.3.2, C.9.4, E.3-7, F.32, and H.2.

Furthermore, the Ziu directs that the 31st section of Title F (F.31) and the second sub-sub-section of the third sub-section of the sixth section of Title A (A.6.3.2) of el Lexhatx be struck from the law and that the titles be accordingly renumbered as necessary.

Furthermore, these changes to the law shall not go into effect until August 1st, 2015/XXXVI. The time between the passage of this law and that date should be used by the Chancery and other agencies to plan, prepare, and set up Telecomuna. The Chancery shall, between the time of the passage of this law and August 1st, 2015/XXXVI, hold a period of public consultation of at least one month, during which it will seek out the opinions of the Talossan public for the design and structure of Telecomuna. Prior to August 1st, 2015/XXXVI, but after the public consultation period, the Chancery shall present a proposed plan for the design and structure of Telecomuna to the Ziu in an official report. The Ziu shall vote to approve or deny the plan. If the Ziu denies the plan, the Chancery shall revise the plan and resubmit it for approval. Telecomuna and the other legislative changes of this bill will not go into effect until after the Ziu has approved the plan.

Uréu q'estadra så:
Alexandreu Davinescu - (MC-RUMP)
C. Carlüs Xheraltescù - (MC-LibCon)

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