Law:The Deputy PM Enrichment and Ennoblement Act

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The Deputy PM Enrichment and Ennoblement Act

The following act increases the number of seats every MC can hold. It alos takes 5 of the "extra seats" away from the PM and gives them to the Deputy PM, to make the latter a more meningful post. The following articles are rewritten as follows: Art. 41. Each party shall divide its elective seats among its members as it sees fit, with the provision that no member may hold more than 35 seats. Art. 42. As an exception to the preceding article, the MC who becomes Prime Minister receives 10 of the appointive seats (see Article 38) and can thus hold a maximum of 45 seats. Furthermore, the Deputy Prime Minister receives 5 of the appointive seats and can thus hold a maximum of 40 seats. (If the Deputy PM is replaced by the PM during a government, the 5 extra seats go to the new Deputy PM.)

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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